Even more Compelling Onside Kick Data For Youth Football Teams

Onside kicks are typically the distinction between average teams and great teams in youth football. They are especially vital when your team is less gifted than those in your league.

Why Onside Kicks?

I've been a company believer in onside kicks for the last 11 periods for a variety of reasons.

1. Why put the ball in the hands of the various other teams finest player in area. Why do exactly what the opposing team wants you to do?

2. In 11 periods of utilizing the onside kick almost whenever (up until we are up by 3 scores then we kick deep) we have actually not had an onside kick returned for a touchdown.

3. We have actually also been relatively skilled at recuperating onside kicks, recuperating anywhere from 12 % -33 % of those kicks with our first string over the previous 11 periods.

Last weekend at the LA clinic a youth coach from Yorba Linda California shared with me his teams onside kick experience from last season. They onside kicked and recuperated, then went on to score a goal on the taking place offensive drive.

No Better Way to Turn Games Around

There is just no means they might have turned the game around had they not performed their onside kicks to perfection. This coach told me that like my teams, they only practiced the onside kick and they put a lot of time into improving it. It had not been one of many kicks they practiced it was the ONLY kick they practiced. We do the same thing and just do not trouble spending valuable practice time on deep kicks. The only time we kick deep is when we are up by 3 scores, at that point we let anyone kick and just advise them to kick it as hard as they can. At that point in the game we do not really care if the opponent gets great field position.

Many Youth Football Coaches don't totally recognize the value of onside kicks and the value of denying the opposition the football. An additional big perk is the modification in momentum and psychological edge a team has over an opponent whose offense is sitting on the bench. After an onside kick recovery or more the various other team often has actually a "beat" mindset, you can see it in their faces and behavior.

Game Over

In lots of games my individual team has scored a touchdown on the opening drive, onside kicked and scored again before our opponent has actually even touched the ball for a single use offense. The game in essence is normally over at that point.

I'm always going to quit the delta of 10-15 yards of field position for the security of understanding the kick will not be returned for a goal and the 12 % -35 % possibility my kids will recuperate the football. Something to consider as you ponder your special teams approach for next season. The book covers both onside kick plans we use as well as the coaching points and so on
. Pop Warner National Championships

In the 2008 Orlando Pop Warner National Championships, all 4 teams in the Pee Wee Division Championships onside kicked EVERY time. Port St Lucie Florida had the finest onside kick scheme and coverage I have actually ever seen in Youth Football.